Monday, August 6, 2012

Game Time with Siblings!

It's almost 100 out. It's been hot all week. School doesn't start for 3 whole very long (for mom) weeks. My kids refuse to play outside in the heat of the afternoons. I refuse to let them watch tv or play video games all day.  They love board games but sadly we don't have any new ones to tempt them into playing over and over again.
Here's what I did to make board games fun all over for them.

(I very much dislike posting pictures of my kids on-line. I was going to blurr out their faces
but they are just so dang cute!)

Just print off their cuteness on cardstock and attach a binder clip to the bottom. 'Tis the season for school supplies so they are all over... I got my assorted pack from the Dollar Tree. 

If you want extra durability-- kids will be playing with these!-- cover with clear packaging tape or laminate. Use them to make any old board game new and a bit exciting.  Chutes and Ladders and Sorry are my boys favorites right now! 

Beat that summer heat and stay cool inside.
(I'm also thinking this would be a great gift for the Grandparents-- a board game with all the grandkids as game pieces!) Quick and easy, but personal and they'll love it!

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