Monday, July 30, 2012

Sun Bonnet Sue Dish Towels

I'm feeling nostalgic today.  Growing up my mom always had flour sack dish towels with these cute girls sewn in the corner. I loved them. They were a wedding gift from her mother-in-law, my grandma and were showing their age. Fast forward to me getting married.  Grandma called and asked my mom what she could get me for my bridal shower.  I said that I would REALLY love some of her cute Sun Bonnet Sue dish towels. My grandma was thrilled that I would ask for something she could make.  I recieved 6 beautiful handmade towels for my bridal shower.

Fast forward to a hubby who loves to make cinnamon rolls. Did you know cinnamon stains? He uses my towels to cover the rolls as they raise.  How could I not sacrafice one towel for that yummy goodness that he bakes?  However, he doesn't use the same stained towel every time he makes cinnamon rolls, no matter how many times I ask, he always "forgets". So now all but one of my towels are stained and not so pretty looking. *sigh*

Before they are too far gone and have to be tossed, I figure I'd use a pin to the trace a pattern onto a sheet of paper underneath one towel. Then I connected the dots and used the pattern to create new towels since my grandmother no longer can lovingly sew me more.  They were easy to put together and I'm offering the pattern to you. So go ahead and whip some up for gifts or to enjoy their cuteness in your kitchen.

The basic how-to:
Print your pattern and cut out. (Right click on image below and print on 8.5x11 paper)
Pin to your fabric and cut out pattern pieces. (I stack several to cut at once.)
Sew eyelet trim to bottom of skirt.
Pin skirt to corner of towel and using a small zig zag setting stitch around skirt. Trim corner of towel off behind the eyelet trim and lower.
Pin and stitch around bodice and then finally around hat.
Paint (or draw with fabric markers) arms and flower boquet if desired.

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