Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY Slushy Drinks

As seen on TV, only cheaper! In fact, this costs practically nothing. I bet you have all the supplies and ingredients in your kitchen right now. (This eliminates the leaky zip-sealed bags of other DIY methods!)

You need:
-1 Mayonaise plastic bottle  (yes, I did scrap out the 1/3 cup or so left and put it in another container)
-1 small water bottle (you, know the 1/2 size kind-- make sure yours will fit in your mayo bottle)
-salt (about 1/2 cup)
-drink to slushify (that's the new word for the day!), we used kool-aid

The How To: It's basically the same concept as the old fashioned ice cream makers. 

1. Wash bottles clean (I removed my labels for better viewing).
2. Fill your tiny bottle 3/4 full with your drink of choice. Secure lid tightly and place it in the Mayo bottle.
3. Fill Mayo bottle with ice and dump in salt, err on the side of too much, it's not going to hurt anything.  I also added about a half cup water to help mix things around.
4. Secure lid tightly and shake-- probably a bit longer than the tv commercial suggests of 1 minute. I wrap mine in a kitchen towel, 'cuz, man, that thing is cold!
5. Remove inside bottle (mine's a tight squeeze, but it does come out.) and shake well to break up the ice inside.
6. Pour into a glass-- the bottle will taste VERY salty so you won't want to drink straight from it-- and enjoy.

If you are quick, you'll be able to make two in succession before the mayo bottle needs to be frozen again. Don't dump it out, just freeze as is. You'll be able to add your small bottle and shake for the next time. (Technically fully saturated salt water will not freeze in your freezer but it'll get very cold and slushy-- which works just fine.)

We haven't tried any other drinks besides Kool-aid. Let me know what you try!

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