Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dinosaur Fun

Today was Two Dollar Tuesday at the Dino Museum.  I packed up the kiddos, and threw in the two neighbor girls for good measure and we headed off to the past.  They loved it. It was crazy crowded but we waited in line and Ooo-ed and Ahh-ed over tiny trilobites and the towering T-Rex.

It was a bummer to come home, but our tummies were rumbling. After a quick lunch and google search, I whipped up some salt dough from this recipe.  I thought it would be cool to make some dino bones that they could dig up in the sand box.  Ummm... dino bones take FOREVER to bake.  I had to pick the hottest day of the week to bake salt dough in the oven. After an hour at 275, I called it good enough. 

 All mixed up.


Baked. Why didn't the undersides turn white?

 Ready to be buried.


I even joined them in the digging fun.  Go ahead and make some... you know you want an excuse to dig in the dirt. ;)

You could even get more educational and create a grid in the sand box with sticks and string. Recreate that grid on paper and have them mark the correct location where they found the bone. Think we might try that tomorrow. If we do, I'll post some pics.

Happy Diggin'

Editted to add: It is VERY frustrating when you can't find two of the bones even when kid #1 was instructed to only hide them inside a certain marked square. Can't imagine how real paleontologists feel!

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