Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Circle Skirt...the easy way.

I love the look and... umm... twirliness of a circle skirt, so when I saw this on pinterest, I knew I had to make one-- DanaMadeIt: the Circle Skirt. Except I love easy and will cut corners whenever possible.  I also very much dislike hemming on a curve!  I headed over to the thrift store and picked me out a round tablecloth (Check for stains and wear!!). Now I admit this limits the length of your skirt--unless you want to re-hem it shorter or add a border to the bottom-- but then that negates the easiness of it!.  I chose a 70" round white tablecloth with a subtle stripe and ended up with a mid-calf length skirt on my very tall *wink, wink* 5' 1/2" frame. ;) Wish it was a bit shorter, but not enough to re-hem it! Oh, and it twirls beautifully for that inner little girl in me.

I followed Dana's directions in this tutorial, except I just skipped to the part where I cut the center circle for the waist and attach the elastic.  Then I was done. Super QUICK and EASY!! 

It is impossible (for me) to take a picture of myself in it-- I'm not a photographer and my point-and-shoot has been tossed around by kiddos and is currently being held together with a rubberband. (Christmas is coming, Mr. L2D!) I tried. I really did.

 HaHa...you can laugh! I am.

The 7 year old did better!

 Let's just hang it up outside!

I'm going to be on the look out for cute round end table cloths for when my daughter gets a bit older/taller.  For now, I'll have to hem for hers... yeah, I love her that much!

If you are a sew-er, or an aspiring one, go check out Dana's blog. There are fantastic patterns and tutorial for all sorts of cuteness!


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