Friday, July 27, 2012

Beach Bag Hide-a-Way

Ok. Technically we were at a waterpark, not a beach.

You have all seen on Pinterest the neat idea to clean out a sunscreen lotion bottle to hide your phone, cards, keys and money in. (I would post the pin here, but it has been hacked by some hungarian site that wants you to buy their stuff. I could NOT find the orignial pin and I refuse to support hackers!).

I prefer the spray cans of sunscreen, so I went off to the store to find the perfect lotion bottle. I hit a bit of a snag. I could not find a bottle with a wide enough neck (or that I could cut wider and not have it interfere with the snap on lid).  What to do?  I looked down below the lotion shelves and BINGO... found the deodorant sticks!

Now after standing in the water slide lines behind that one guy, don't you wish more people brought their deodorant with them to the water park!

After picking out a large one, without a see through cap, I headed home... well, after paying for it-- $1, yep, the dollar store! ;) 

After asking how long it would take Mr.L2D to use up this stick, I realized I really didn't want to wait.  So he just twisted up the stick and pulled out the insides. He pushed the inside stick out through the bottom and cut it off. Then he glued the twist dial back to the bottom. (He actually is correcting me saying that he melted the plastics together-- but you can just glue it, wink, wink.) 

Our park passes, money, and keys fit in it great. Sadly my cell phone wouldn't, so I'll still be on the look out for the right size lotion bottle. This works great for now!


  1. That is way easier than cleaning out the lotion bottle. I think I will be trying out this idea soon. Thanks

  2. Thanks! It works great for a gym bag too.

  3. thanks for posting this - I was trying to find the instructions from that pinterest site - what a bummer that it was hacked