Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Sorry, Not a Winner" Wreath

This is what I found in my box of cereal.

Bummer, huh?

So I created this out of it...

Here is what I did.  I flattened my non-winning cereal box and traced two large C's (the bottom one a mirror imaged- this doesn't matter for the Letter C, but some letters it would make a big difference!).  At this point I wished my last name started with a straight sided letter-- something nice like T or F--which would have made the sides easier. But instead, I had to cut small strips of equal length from my box, bent the ends and glued (with Elmer's Glue) them to the top and bottom C's. 

This is how my Monogram sat for a week-- a skeletal C.  I couldn't decide what to cover it in. Modge Podge paper on it, wrap it in burlap, scrap material or even yarn... I've seen several on Pinterest but nothing caught my fancy. 
I finally settled on this shelf liner... I bought a large roll of it for the dresser that I'm turning into a dining room buffet and I thought it would look great on my black front door.  Guess what they have at my favorite store? Yep. You can get patterned shelf-liners at the dollar store.  A bit of tracing, some cutting, a lot of hot glue, a little fun yarn and a handful of buttons later... Tada!  Here it is.

I think my cereal box is a winner now! How about you?

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