Monday, May 14, 2012

Gift Box/Bag... more cereal box fun!

Eat up that cereal kids. I need those boxes. I'm having fun coming up with creative uses for empty cereal boxes. If you loved my Front Door Monogram, here's another.

Heart-shaped Gift Box/Bag  (You could really make it any shape as long as two sides are flat and meet at a 90 degree angle.)

  Trace a heart on the cereal box front and back using the bottom corner
of the box as the point of the heart.

Extend the sides about an inch or two past where the heart meets the side and add little tabs on either side for easier gluing.

Using a hole punch, punch a hole near the top of both sides. 
 Curl in the sides and glue.

Trace two heart shapes on decorative paper and cut out.  Trace two rectangles a half an inch wider on both sides. Fold sides over and cut "teeth" where the paper will need to curve.

Glue sides on and then the front and back hearts. (Thankfully they covered up where I creased the side wrong!) Don't forget to punch a hole in the paper so it lines up with the previously punched hole.

I added a braided twine handle, but you could use ribbon or even a couple layers of matching paper, depending on how strong you need the handle to be. Add your tissue paper and gift and you are ready to go!


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