Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jammie Shirt Re-make

I picked up this t-shirt at Walmart clearanced for a dollar It's a girl's size XXL and was a good long length.  I knew the shirt would never fit me without some major alterations, but I thought it might work for my 8 year old niece as a jammie shirt.  There was only one problem-- with the large scooped neck it probably wouldn't stay on her shoulders.

I love making these No Sew T-Shirt Bags, and after looking at the neck ribbing I figured I could use the same technique used to close off the bottom of the bags to make the neck smaller.

It was super quick. It was super easy.

Cut a small slit in the center of the neck ribbing. (Don't cut into the stictching that sewed it to the shirt!)
Cut a long strip of Jersey t-shirt material and stretch it to make your drawstring. Pin a safety pin to the end and thread it through your slit, around the neck line, and out the other side.
Try the shirt on and pull "strings", gathering it to the right fit. Tie your bow tightly. For safety on kid's clothing, especially a sleep shirt, stitch the bow to keep it from coming undone.
Tah Dah!

What to hide the bow? Cut your slit in the back neckline. Thread like above. Tie a knot instead of a bow and trim ends, tucking extra lengths back inside neckline.

Sadly my niece lives out-of-state, so you don't get a picture. For some reason my boy wouldn't model it for me. :)  Maybe she'll send me a pic.

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