Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trucks, Tubes and Taquitos

Mr. L2D asked me to make a NGV Ford Truck for his boss's b-day-- I think boss wanted a real truck for his b-day, but he'll have to be satisfied with a cake. After googling "Pick-Up Truck Cake" this is what I came up with. Mr. L2D was pleased so I hope it goes over good.

Cake stacked and carved


Donut tires, fruit roll-up lights, Kiss (halves) mirrors, chocolate coin cargo

Best thing about this cake... I tried out the mess-free method for filling a cake decorating tube that I found here and it works fantastic!! It was a bit tricky to thread the twisted end of the plastic wrap through the opening of the tube but I just grabbed a bamboo skewer and poked it right through. I have always made disposable tubes out of waxed paper because I never liked washing out the resuable tubes. I'm off to buy my first one because I'll never have to wash more than the very tip and give the rest a quick rinse for good measure! Pure Heaven!  


So I found these on Pinterest and they are pure heaven! The recipe says they can be frozen but we didn't have any left to freeze after I ran a few over to some neighbors so they could enjoy the yumminess. I changed the recipe a bit. I cut the tortillas in half and started rolling from the cut side--more filling less tortilla. I also didn't sprinkle them with salt either.  

We dipped them in sour cream, chopped avacado, and green salsa accompanied by rice, refried beans, chopped lettuce and tomatoes. These will definitely be on the menu again.

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