Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ribbon Holder w/ Shelf

Craft Room Organizing: Part I

I'm slowly digging out my crap craft room by finding homes for everything. First up, ribbon. My first thought... dowel rods, of course.  After asking Mr. L2D to make me holders for the rod that I bought so I could mount it to the wall, I got tired of waiting for it to get to the top of his To Do List. While walking through my favorite store, the dollar store, I spotted these plant hangers. Perfect.

I bent the longest hook so it hung down instead of straight out. Then I used Mr. L2D's saw and cut my dowel in half. After mounting the first plant-turned-ribbon hanger on the wall, I hung the second one so the dowel rods could hang over the edges of both-- a little insurance that they won't slip off easily.  After threading my ribbons on both dowels I place one on the upper hook and one on the lower. Works perfectly.

But why stop there?! The flat area behind the ribbons was begging me for a shelf! I went out to Mr. L2D's scrap wood pile and found a board that would fit. After painting it white with acrylic paint, I added some recycled cans wrapped in scrapbook paper to hold pens, scissors, glue sticks, etc.

Mr. L2D conceeded that it turned out better than what he could have made. 

Material List:
Dowel Rod (craft store): <$1 .
2 Plant Hangers (Dollar Tree): $1, each
wood saw: on hand
scrap wood (optional): on hand
white acrylic paint: on hand,<$1

TOTAL: $2 and up

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