Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wooden Heart

It's almost Valentine's Day.  Time for a romantic dinner (of pizza and popcorn) and movie (probably Pokémon or Pocoyo). Man, I can't wait 'til Son #1 is old enough to babysit. Hubby and I actually did get to catch a movie last night... in the basement... I rented Smurf's for the kiddos upstairs and we watched The Host downstairs. (A quick movie review: The Host stays real close to the book except you don't get a feel for time passing--everything seems to happen fast when in the book it was actually longer. If I hadn't read the book, I don't think I would have liked the movie much.) Anyways...

I wanted to show you this great wooden heart that my mom made me.

I'm in to simple rustic décor and my family room is patriotic in theme. It fits in great so I leave it up all year next to my wooden flag and just move it to the front door for Valentine's Day.

Here's the measurements for the trim pieces if you want to make your own.
2 @ 21 1/2"
2 @ 6"
2 @ 7"

Paint. Wood glue or nail the pieces together and add a little décor. A little twine to the top for easy hanging and you've got yourself some love.

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