Monday, June 18, 2012

Citrus Summer

The amazing ladies at my church got together last night for dinner and to tie kid's flannel quilts for Shriner's Hospital. I wish I knew who pieced the tops and put them together-- they were so cute!-- and there were 15 of them! I volunteered to decorate the food tables so I came up with this easy (and inexpensive!) decor while brainstorming ideas with my mom.

Neon paper cut into half circles with white puff paint painted seeds and edges make them into citrus slices. Taped to curling ribbon, along with images of citrus fruits, created the banner which was hung on the edge of the table.

Next I hot glued white ribbon and an orange image to quart mason jars. To make the "frog" (where did that name come from?!) I secured netting (like small toys come in, especially at the dollar store) to the top using silver canning rings. A quick trim removed the extra netting on the edge. Then I sliced oranges, lemons and limes and poked them on bamboo skewers. Filling the jars with water kept them from tipping over when the boquets were made. 

I found these great striped napkins that I unfolded and placed under each jar bouquet. On the drink and dessert tables I sprinkled a little confetti (left-over from cutting the half circles.

It was super easy and didn't cost a lot of money. It was perfect for summer time too!

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